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"Life was hard, but living was easy."

-Jay Wolf

Jay Wolf believed that exercising discipline was the first real lesson in keeping his desire for material things within reason. Born in 1921, Jay Wolf would become the visionary and entrepreneurial Georgetown businessman responsible for The Wolf Ranch as we know it today.

According to Jay Wolf, Life was very basic growing up… “There was no bathroom, no hot water, no electricity and no ice. The only running water was collected from rainwater that ran off the roof. A pipe ran from the bottom of the water tank and followed gravity to the sink to wash dishes in our family home”.

Jay Wolf earned his first dollar by receiving a reward for finding the family’s “prize milk cow” which had been missing all day. He also became a rat and mouse trapper and was paid two cents for each mouse and five cents for each rat caught in the barn. Mice would earn him 15 or 20 cents a day to have enough money to buy school supplies. He was paid to find arrow heads, catching and selling horned toads and finding peach seeds. He earned money hunting and trapping baby crows, squirrels, coons and skunks and would run his traps on the way to school. Jay Wolf’s parents never had to give him a dime.

For a man who did not have a pair of "store-bought" shoes until he was nearly 10 years old, Jay Wolf continued a strong work ethic helping the family make a living during the depression. As time went by, his earning power escalated to 30 cents per hour making enough money to purchase a Sinclair Gas Station in Johnson City, -finally to fulfill his dream of being an independent businessman!

In 1948, at the age of 28, Jay Wolf moved to Georgetown with his wife Bettie and children, Judy and Jane. Jay Jr, Iva and James arrived several years later. In 1950, Jay purchased land consisting of about 160 acres, off of Highway 29, West of Georgetown. He was also a student at Southwestern University where he maintained all A’s and graduated in 1953. Jay started several businesses over the years beginning with “Wolf’s Wool and Mohair” then on to “Wolf’s Gulf Agency”, “Georgetown Auction Barn”, numerous gas stations, many land and ranch purchases, rental property and constructed a facility to house a new HEB Grocery Store and Winn’s Variety store.

In 1956 and into the 1960’s, Jay began to make even more land purchases. In 1956 he acquired over 400 acres of land on Highway 29 which would eventually be bisected by a 1,500-mile long ribbon of asphalt and concrete that stretches from Laredo to Canada-IH-35. A short time later he purchased a 300-acre tract which borders Highway 29.

During the 1980's real estate lost value and people went bankrupt. Jay recognized an opportunity to purchase 200 prime acres at the intersection of 35 and Highway 29. This land will be part of the future commercial mixed-use development called Wolf Lakes.

Jay Wolf passed away on September 11, 1996 at the age of 75. The Wolf family has worked closely with Hillwood Communities to ensure that the land that Jay Wolf worked so hard for would be utilized to the best potential – the culmination of that work is Wolf Ranch.