Check out some Summer home maintenance tips from Wolf Ranch

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Eric Sims

Owning a home can be stressful but, on the other hand, it can be a humbling experience as well. Having one place to look after, clean, spruce up, and welcome family and friends to is pretty special if you ask us.

While house maintenance may not be the first thing to pop into your mind when you hear the word “Summer,” it certainly wouldn’t be the worst thing to associate with Summer.

Summer home maintenance tips can help your house stand out among the rest and oftentimes can help your house stay energy efficient as well!

So, push up those sleeves and let's dive on in! Here are some of the best Summer home maintenance tips:

man changing air filter inside a home

Changing the filters

We’re talking vent filters, vacuum filters, air conditioning filters, washing machine filters, and furnace filters! If you’re wondering how to reduce your energy bill in Summer look no further than this tip! Whatever the filter, you should check them and either clean or replace the filter at the beginning of the Summer. Dirty filters make any system you’re using work harder and run longer. By cleaning or changing out filters you will make the machine run more efficiently (and save on your energy bill).

Wipe down ceiling fan blades  

Some of our summer home care tips can be done without even leaving the house! Such as wiping down your ceiling fan blades. Dust can really weigh down ceiling fan blades which causes the fan to need more energy to run. By wiping the dust off of them your fans will be more energy efficient! You can also reverse the direction of the ceiling fan! Doing so will push the air straight down and create a nice breeze.

deep cleaning BBQ grill

Deep clean your grill

Summer is oftentimes prime grilling season! Before you kick off your barbeque season though be sure to deep clean your grill. Burn off any extra trimmings from last year, sweep it out, and coat with oil if necessary.

pressure wash

Power wash everything

Well, not everything, but chances are you will want to once you get your hands on one. Whether you rent a power washer or break your own out once a year Summer is a great time to spruce up the outside of your home. You can power wash your fence, driveway, walkway, and outdoor mats to help your house stand out amongst the rest of the block!

yard work watering plants

Yard work

Summer lawn care might not be your most favorite tip on the list (especially given that we live in Texas) but it’s a necessary evil that keeps the HOA happy and your home looking great! Try to work on your lawn in the early morning hours this Summer when it’s still cool outside (kind of). One basic summer yard work tip is to refresh your mulch. By doing so you will keep the weeds down and help the ground retain its moisture. Essentially, you’ll be reducing more yard work in the future and helping that water bill stay low!


While we’re on the subject, consider your watering schedule

Watering your lawn and plants in the Summer can seem like an uphill battle where we live, however, there are certain strategies that can be utilized to save on water costs. For instance, water your lawn and garden just as the sun sets or right afterwards. By doing so, you’re giving the water the most amount of time to reach the roots of the plants/grass which will keep them damp all night long. If you water your yard / plants in the morning the sun will dry up the water by noon which isn’t optimal.

check home detectors

Check your home detectors 

This should really be an “every season” rule. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors can quite literally save lives. It’s important that you check their batteries and make sure they are optimally working multiple times throughout the year. When you have time, at the beginning of each season, you should really test them to make sure they’re up to par!

clean windows

Clean windows and window screens

There’s no better facelift for the exterior of a house (well, except maybe a coat of paint) than a nice window cleaning. Remember, when washing the windows from the outside use liquid dish soap and cool water (not Windex). Windex is meant to help clean window stains, however, window’s outsides typically hold more dirt than stains. So instead of reaching for that spray bottle, grab a bucket full of soap and water and a sponge and get to washing! Wipe windows clean with a rubber-blade squeegee at the end for best results! Also, while you’ve got those window screens off you might as well rinse those as well. After all, there’s not much point in having clean windows if the screens are dirty!

Check your attic for leaks

You may be wondering, with the lack of rain we have in the Summer around central Texas, why we would have you check such a thing during the hottest duration of the year. Well, the answer is simple, whether it’s raining or not, if there are any leaks/cracks in your roof, there will be evidence of it no matter when you check. While you're up there keep an eye out for pests, insects, mold, or mildew. These problems are best treated in the dry season anyway!

Remember, you don’t have to tackle all of these items at once, you have the whole Summer to complete them! However, some of the tips (such as the energy saver ones) are best addressed at the beginning of the Summer so you can get the most savings throughout the season! Keep in mind, any outdoor summer maintenance is best done in the early morning or after the sun sets to avoid any sort of heat exhaustion.

Stay safe out there while completing your Summer home maintenance tips! We can’t wait to see how you spruce up your home this Summer! For more information on Wolf Ranch by Hillwood Communities, contact us here!