Georgetown ISD 2020-2021 Back to School Plan

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Summer is drawing to an end and while normally that statement would draw sadness, this year it’s creating anxiety for both students and parents who are waiting to hear their district plan for the 2020-2021 school year.

With the recent Pandemic school districts are coming together to form regional plans for how they want (or hope) the upcoming school year to look like for their students and Georgetown ISD (GISD) is no different.

GISD has recently released it’s ‘District Back to School Plan’ for the 2020-2021 school year. With the understanding that the district needed to examine their practices, learn new skills, show agility and change, and make difficult decisions in regards to what the Georgetown ISD school calendar will look like, GISD created a dual learning plan.

virtual learning

A look at Georgetown ISD’s Dual Learning Approach

GISD has created a dual approach to learning for the 2020-2021 academic school year meaning they expect to interact with students in two different environments (both in person and online via Georgetown ISD remote learning). Parents will be given the option to choose how their children will be learning for the school year.

Whichever format they choose, GISD is asking them to commit to that format through the entire grading period (9 weeks) and then they will be given the option to switch their selection for the next grading period. Both plans ensure all student groups and grade levels will be engaging in a full day of academic content everyday. Ensuring PK-5th grade has 180 minutes of work per day  and 6th - 12th grade has 240 minutes of work per day.

Face-to-Face Learning

Face-to-face learning, much like every other year for the majority of GISD students, will entail in-person classes five days a week. However, there will be additional safety measures that align with the state and federal guidelines and recommendations.

Teachers will be planning their classes with the remote learners in mind meaning their content can be quickly and easily transferred from face-to-face to remote in the event that the school closes temporarily due to COVID-19 again. This will also ensure a smooth transition in the event that a student switches formats after the grading period or needs to temporarily work remote due to illness or quarantine.

District-directed safety procedures as well as campus designed safety procedures will also be implemented. Both students and faculty will be required to take additional health measures throughout the school day. Currently, the in-person plan requires students and staff to use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting common areas, wipe/sanitize classrooms and spaces between use, follow the visual reminders that will remind everyone to social distance throughout the school, and as of now masks are required.

As far as scheduling goes, Grades 6-12 students will be assigned schedules based on their course selections made last Spring.

remote learning

Georgetown ISD Remote Learning

Students utilizing Georgetown schools virtual learning option through GISD will utilize GISD instructional resources and be able to interact remotely with their teachers and other students. All lessons and activities remote students will work on were designed to meet the needs of the student in the online environment.

With Georgetown ISD virtual classes, teachers will remotely instruct their students from their classrooms or an assigned GISD facility unless a specific accommodation is in place. Much like in-person classrooms, teachers in this setting will provide instruction, support, and learning resources through Google Classroom or another system. Teachers will also be using the same curriculum as the in-school students to ensure no one falls behind.

GISD will be practicing asynchronous remote learning which requires students to engage in learning materials on their own time while interacting intermittently with their teacher via computer (or other electronic device). Teachers may provide live instruction at designated times, as well as, video instruction outside the “live” window.

Parents, students, and teachers will keep an open line of communication as they work together to provide remote students with academic, social, and emotional help. Remote students will be receiving personal progress feedback from their teachers on a weekly basis. As far as grades go, they will receive the same grading practices used with face-to-face instruction.

For a more detailed look at what asynchronous remote learning for your student’s grade level will look like please see the Asynchronous Remote Learning section of the ‘District Back to School Plan 2020-2021” webpage.

PPE Protocols for the 2020-2021 School Year

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protocol for GISD is in compliance with the governor’s executive order regarding masks. As of date, students and staff are expected to wear face coverings/masks during school hours. Families are responsible for providing their student(s) with a face mask along with their other school supplies. The district will be providing a reusable face mask for each student and staff members as well.

Students may remove their masks outside if the following two in-place criterias are met:

  1. The student is engaged in a physical activity
  2. Students are able to maintaining a 6 foot physical distance from all persons

Additional PPE will be provided to school nurses for use in the clinic.

Additional Protocols

Georgetown ISD’s first day of school is on August 20, 2020. In preparation for this day, GISD has detailed protocols for screening and isolation, campus visitors, disinfecting and handwashing, cleaning and disinfecting, common areas and meetings, and positive COVID-19 cases on campus outlined in their back to school plan.

Creating Georgetown ISD’s School Plan

Georgetown ISD, (GISD), collaborated with multiple groups and agencies to help form this elaborate schooling plan.

These decisions were cultivated by many GISD groups that have been included in the district planning including Campus Assistant principals, Campus Design Teams, Campus Leadership Teams, Campus Principals, CTE teachers, Athletic Teachers, Dual Language Teachers, Fine Arts Teachers, District Leadership Teams, the District Learning Design Team, District Technology Leadership Team, the District Guidance & Wellness Leadership Team, GISD board of trustees, GISD Council of PTA, GISD District Performance Committee, GISD Safety & Security Committee, GISD SHAC Health Subcommittee, and the Special Education Teachers & Leadership team.

GISD also reached out in collaboration with multiple agencies outside of GISD for help forming this plan. Those agencies were: Central Texas School Superintendent Cohort, Georgetown Chamber of Commerce Cornerstone Representatives, Region 13 ESC Center & Region 13 Superintendents, Texas Education Agency Commissioner/Superintendent Conference Calls, Williamson County School Superintendent Cohort, and Williamson County COVID-19 InterAgency Conferences (including WilCo Health District, WilCo School Superintendents).

Wolf Ranch Master Planned Community

Wolf Ranch is a master-planned community in the heart of Georgetown, Texas. Wolf Ranch children will attend the brand new state-of-the-art Wolf Ranch Elementary school opening Fall 2020 and located onsite in Wolf Ranch South Fork, Tippit Middle School or East View High School, each within 10 minutes of the community. For more information on Wolf Ranch by Hillwood or to schedule a tour call us at (512) 766-6943 or send us a message on our contact us page